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Windshield & Glass Replacement

Whether your windshield is chipped or broken we can fix it. While most chips and small cracks can be filled using a special resin, larger cracks may require replacing the old glass with a new windshield.

We replace windshields, back glass, side windows and quarter glass, as we strive for the highest industry standards. Our work is always guaranteed, and we try to make sure every customer will want to come back and do business with us again.

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Safety Comes First

Windshields are more than just a piece of glass. They are an important safety feature composed of alternated layers of glass and laminate designed to withstand heavy impacts and keep you and your passengers safe. A little rock chip on your windshield can easily turn into a long crack that risks your life in case of an accident. Temperature variations, road vibration or even normal vehicle wear and tear can cause any small chip, nick or crack to spread across the windshield. Even a small crack can greatly impact the structural integrity of the windshield.

Chip & Crack Repair

Most chips and cracks (up to 6″) in the windshield can be easily repaired. Besides significantly improving the appearance of the crack and driver visibility, the repair helps in restoring the windshields’ structural integrity by injecting special resin directly into the damaged area and rebonding the glass.