Ceramic Pro Boat Coating. Marine Ceramic in Colorado.

Looking to get you boat coated with Ceramic Pro? In this video we discuss the Marine Ceramic Coating process and the awesome benefits. Talk about protection and ease of maintenance! Not to mention you will have the best looking boat out on the water in terms of gloss and shine. Then, who wants to go out on their boat for two hours and then spend two hours cleaning it when they come in? Please give us a call for a quote on your boat!

Work behind a Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating… What is Paint Correction?

Below are a couple of pics of a paint correction in progress. Paint correction means the “polish” or “compounding” that is needed remove old swirl marks, holograms, spider-webbing or marring, and other defects off of a vehicle’s paint. The paint needs to be flawless before applying the Ceramic Coatings.

Why? A Ceramic Package is not a wax or a sealant. It is a Permanent Coating. One needs to get rid of any flaws in the paint so they are not permanently sealed in! Only certain polishes or compounds can be used that don’t contain fillers. Fillers contain silicates and are used by many shops use to hide swirls and holograms… In this case that car will look good only until these fillers brake down – typically in a few months and then all the swirls and defects come back. If this is done before a Ceramic coating it will not adhere correctly and also the coating will not last very long. This is not how we do things at Boulder Auto Detail. We do not use compounds with fillers during out paint corrections.

Anyone can grab a buffer and try to buff a car out… But to be good, really good, at paint correction it takes years and years of experience. At our shop we are constantly correcting mistakes either from other details shops or from new car dealers that have 16 year old kids working in their detail section with little to no training. All of our Ceramic Pro Certified techs have the proper experience and  training.

Anyway to the fun part. Here are some photos of work in progress at our shop 🙂

Ceramic Pro – 2019 Audi RS5
Ceramic Pro 2019 Jeep TrackHawk (790 HP)
Ceramic Pro 2019 Honda Goldwing

Ceramic Coating Pro Gold package Porsche 911 Turbo S and Porsche Macan

Great short video here of a couple of Porsche’s we just finished coating. Ceramic Gold package on a Porsche 911 Turbo S and a Ceramic Pro Silver Package on a Porsche Macan. This was shot in 4k so you can really see the depth of shine or gloss on both vehicles.

Both cars required a full paint correction first. As the Ceramic Pro Coating is permanent we don’t want to seal in any imperfections that could have been correction through a multistage polish. This “polish” takes a lot of skill to do it properly and often takes 8 to 12 hours of labour.

Coating w/o a paint correction first, or an inferior correction that leave swirls, holgrams, spider-webbing is not what Boulder Auto Detail is about!

Boulder Auto Detail has become an Auto Spa for Ceramic Pro

Congratulations (to us) on becoming a Ceramic Pro Auto Spa!

Boulder Auto Detail has done enough Ceramic Pro Installations that we are now an Auto Spa and have the rights to the name Ceramic Pro Boulder 🙂 We now own the rights for Ceramic Pro w/in a 15 miles radius meaning no other Ceramic Pro shop may open within that distance.

We will continue our same commitment to excellence and, as always, we are know as the best paint correction shop in Colorado, and now the highest volume Ceramic Pro Installation shop.

If you don’t know the joy of owning a car that has been treated with Ceramic Pro please stop by our shop for a free evaluation and for more information.

Ceramic Pro Goodness.

The benefits of a Ceramic Coating on your car are endless. In this video we show both Ceramic Pro Gold and Silver packages.   Just look at the finished product!

The 11/11 post on Ceramic Pro

We wanted to show you more in-depth videos on  Ceramic Pro. Hope you find this post informative!

First, why bother with a Ceramic coating in the first place? This first video show exactly what type of protection you will get with the Ceramic Pro Gold package. Check this out:

Now for more about the product and how it works. Here is a video of Ryan from Ceramic Pro’s head office. He explains how and why the products works! (This was filmed at the SEMA show Nov. 2018)

Now finally the finished product! Video’s are from our shop at 250 Pearl St. in Boulder, CO. Here are a couple of Tesla’s and a Ford Expedition. The “liquid glass” look will not go away or fade like wax does.

Hope you found this post informative 🙂 Please call/text/ or email with any questions about Ceramic Coatings. 303.601.8482.  As always we give a simple free car wash with all evaluations for Ceramic Pro at our shop. Plus all Ceramic jobs get moved to front of the line over normal auto detail jobs.

Ceramic Pro at the Sema Show 2018

Boulder Auto Detail just got back from the Sema Show in Las Vegas. In this video we are the Ceramic Pro booth where Ryan shows the incredible benefits of a Ceramic Coating. He literally bangs the hell out of a hood. Look at the difference between the coated and not coated sides!

Boulder Auto Detail is leading installer of Ceramic Pro coating in the Colorado Front Range.

Ceramic Pro Boulder – Gold package Mazda Miata

When  you get a Ceramic coating, by Boulder Auto Detail powered by Ceramic Pro, in effect you are getting a new paint job. This customer commented that it looked like he received an 11k paint job after seeing his finished product. We take an existing paint job on a vehicle and make it spectacular! What is best is that this “liquid glass expensive paint job effect” never goes away.

Here are some photos of a Mazda Miata that we just applied a Ceramic Pro Gold package on. Wow! (And, yes your vehicle will look this good too).

Click here for a free quote and to learn more.


Ceramic Pro on Tesla Model 3’s in Boulder

In this video we show a few Tesla Model 3’s in our shop. They came in, most brand new, and we corrected the factory defects and then applied Ceramic Pro… The paint on Tesla’s Model 3 is very soft. It needs help. Their factory clear coat is not good enough for long lasting protection against the elements.

To receive more information about ceramic pro for your vehicle please fill out the form from this page: https://www.boulderautodetail.com/ceramic-coating/