Ceramic Pro 9H in Denver

Boulder Auto Detail is the authorized Ceramic Pro installer for both the greater Denver and Boulder areas. Nothing beats the shine and protection of a Ceramic Coat. Never wax your car again! I’ve been in the business for a long time and seen products come and go. This is not the “latest” wax or sealant. The Ceramic Coating creates a permanent bond to your vehicle.

What you get is the best looking car in your area! The high gloss stays even when your car is dirty. It becomes ridiculously to wash and you never have to wax your car again. The increased resale value, when you sell your car in the distant future, will more than pay for what the coating costs. Why? Your paint will stay in great shape for the life your vehicle…

Here is a photo of an Audi RS3 we just finished today. This was the Ceramic Pro Gold package with 4 coats of 9H and the 5th coat of Lite, the top coat.

Please call us and let’s talk about your car! Or click this link for a free quote:


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