Ceramic Pro for your Boat in Colorado. Bravo and Marine Applications

It’s usually all about cars with our blog posts! But today I wanted to show off some boats we have recently done. One is a 2019 Maiibu LSV25. And the other here is Nautique G21. So why get a boat coated with Ceramic? The first and main reason is ease of maintenance, not to mention the protection. So easy to simply spray with water, when available, and then wipe your boat down with microfiber cloths. And that’s not just on the outside. The interior is coated as well! Then of course there is appearance. You are going to have the shiniest boat on the lake.

So the two packages available are the BRAVO which includes two coats of the Ceramic Pro BRAVO product on the exterior of the boat, above the water line, and one coat in the interior. Then there is the Ceramic Pro MARINE package. Which is much more technical to install and includes below the water line. This one is much more expensive, and to be honest, not really necessary here in Colorado with fresh water lakes, unless you want the additional protection.

Here at Boulder Auto Detail we can apply the coatings on your boat in our garage, if it will fit!  Or, more popular send a mobile crew out to your location.

Anyway here are some photos from our boat installs last month…

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