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Bumper 2 Bumper

• Complete Interior Detailing
• Complete Exterior Detailing
• It’s the Best, of the Best, of the Best… with Honors!

Exterior Only

• Microfiber Hand Wash and Pressure Wash with Simple Green® Car Wash
• Clay Bar Treatment with a Spray Wax (this is the first coat of wax)
• Minor Scuff Marks and Scratches are treated with polish on a limited spot basis. Full paint correction costs extra.
• Meguiar’s Liquid Wax Applied (Yes, this is the second coat of wax) or upgrade to Ceramic Pro Sport for an additional $90
• Wheel Wells Pressure Washed
• Bug and Tar Removed
• Tires Cleaned with a Specific Tire Cleaner
• Rims Cleaned with an Industrial Cleaner and a Detail Brush
• Tires Dressed with a Silicone Based Dressing
• Rims Waxed
• Chrome Polished
• All Vinyl or Plastic Outside Surfaces Cleaned and Dressed
• Invisible Glass® Glass Cleaner Including a Rain-X® Treatment for the Windshield
• UV Protective Treatment for Headlights (this is very important in Colorado)
Ask about our optional Ceramic Pro Nanoceramic Coating and never wax your car again! This is a permanant coating that is highly scratch resistant. The industry and Boulder Auto Detail are heading in this direction. Wax is dead.

Interior Only

• Clean and Condition Vinyl
• Clean and Condition Leather
• All Surfaces Cleaned & Decontaminated with Simple Green® Cleaner and Steam
• Air Vents Cleaned & Decontaminated with Steam
• Nook & Cranny High Powered Vacuum with Compressed Air and Steam
• Interior Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo w/Steam and Extraction Equipment, Including Stain Removal (and Yes we shampoo under the seats and mats!)
• Mats are Pressure Washed or Extracted
• Inside Windows
• Door Jams Cleaned and Waxed
• The Headliner is Spot Cleaned and/or Steamed/Shampooed
• Trunk Shampoo and Vacuum
• Inside Windows Cleaned with Invisible Glass® Glass Cleaner
• Interior Only Package Includes Exterior Windows
• A Superwash (including tires, rims, and spray wax applied by hand) is optional with an Interior Only package for an additional $40) This superwash is not available as a stand-alone service.
Ask about our optional Interior Ceramic Pro treatment for unparalleled stain protection. We have specific treatments for fabric, leather, and plastic.


Headlight Restoration

We have an entire website dedicated to headlight restoration here. Why replace your dull or hazy headlights when they can be restored? This is the Eco- friendly option. Many people don’t know that headlights, which have become dull or faded, can be restored to look new. Drive safely at night! And don’t get a ticket from the police.