Work behind a Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating… What is Paint Correction?

Below are a couple of pics of a paint correction in progress. Paint correction means the “polish” or “compounding” that is needed remove old swirl marks, holograms, spider-webbing or marring, and other defects off of a vehicle’s paint. The paint needs to be flawless before applying the Ceramic Coatings.

Why? A Ceramic Package is not a wax or a sealant. It is a Permanent Coating. One needs to get rid of any flaws in the paint so they are not permanently sealed in! Only certain polishes or compounds can be used that don’t contain fillers. Fillers contain silicates and are used by many shops use to hide swirls and holograms… In this case that car will look good only until these fillers brake down – typically in a few months and then all the swirls and defects come back. If this is done before a Ceramic coating it will not adhere correctly and also the coating will not last very long. This is not how we do things at Boulder Auto Detail. We do not use compounds with fillers during out paint corrections.

Anyone can grab a buffer and try to buff a car out… But to be good, really good, at paint correction it takes years and years of experience. At our shop we are constantly correcting mistakes either from other details shops or from new car dealers that have 16 year old kids working in their detail section with little to no training. All of our Ceramic Pro Certified techs have the proper experience and  training.

Anyway to the fun part. Here are some photos of work in progress at our shop 🙂

Ceramic Pro – 2019 Audi RS5
Ceramic Pro 2019 Jeep TrackHawk (790 HP)
Ceramic Pro 2019 Honda Goldwing

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